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Kendall and Kylie Interview

E! Online – We’re going to bet that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s nuptials left quite a few of their guests misty-eyed when all was said and done.

And the bride’s sister Kendall Jenner was no exception.

“[Going to] keep it to myself,” Kendall at first played coy with E! News when asked if she or sister Kylie Jenner cried during the ceremony. But she ultimately admitted, “I had some tears in my eyes. I wouldn’t say I was sobbing, but…I had tears in my eyes, yes.”

“It was just beautiful and it was awesome seeing people so happy,” the 18-year-old, speaking to us with Kylie behind the scenes of a photo shoot for their PacSun summer collection, added.

Who know Kendall was such a romantic?!

Asked what the high point of Kimye’s wedding weekend was overall, she said, “I know it sounds cheesy, but the love in the air was amazing.”

Alas, the mystery of who caught Kim’s bouquet—yup, she followed that time-old wedding party tradition—remains unsolved.

“I don’t remember who caught it, actually, but I didn’t catch it,” Kendall said and, pointing to Kylie, “she didn’t catch it.”

And “there wasn’t an argument over it,” either.

Meanwhile, you should see Kendall and Kylie debate the question of who’s more of “the marriage girl” between the two of them. The answer may surprise you!

Watch the clip to hear the answer—and find out how Kim really felt about Kylie dying her hair blue before the big day!

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