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SugarScape – The Jenner sisters just dropped a load of new clobber to their very own clothing line,

The announcement was made via the KendallandKylie instagram where they wrote:

“New items in our online shop!! Grab our portrait tees and a whole lot more just revealed, now available online! Go check them out! free overnight shipping in US until Saturday – link in bio ?”

The 8 new pieces include both a Kylie and Kendall portrait tee, a Maliboo slogan tank top as well as a grey t-shirt reading ‘Talk About Something New, I’m Bored” complete with a lipstick mark.

The new styles join four exisiting pieces that have been brought back in stock, including a KUTE black mini dress, Kylie 97 bralet and KLUB crop top.

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Penshoppe Holiday 2015

Photos of Kendall for the Penshoppe 2015 holiday campaign have been added to the gallery.

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We Are The Rhoads show a new side of Kendall and Kylie Jenner

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Bernstein & Andriulli – If you walked onto set when Sarah and Chris Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads were shooting Kylie and Kendall Jenner for their new line Kendall+Kylie, you may have met some friendly dogs running loose on set. On other shoots with other photographers, the dogs are normally taken away and locked up where they won’t get in anyone’s way. But not with the Rhoads. They’re happy to let the dogs roam free in the spirit of having an open and relaxed feeling where it’s less about rules and more about expression. “A lot of times in photo shoots things can be so controlled,” explains Sarah. “And we really like to foster an atmosphere that says the imperfection is okay, the spontaneity is encouraged. That’s what we like to do. If we’re asking them to sit on the floor, we’re sitting on the floor with them and getting at eye level, developing that rapport and that intimacy.”
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Kendall + Kylie Collection

The next two pieces from Kendall and Kylie’s new limited collection have been released.

The first is a romper from Kendall’s closet. “We have just gone to romper heaven. This playful playsuit features sheer insets and print combo with back zipper detail. Its mock strapless design goes perfect with summer flats and a nice sheer gloss.”

The second piece is an off shoulder dress from Kylie’s closet. “You know those dresses you wear and feel amazing in? Well, this is better than that. Kylie’s off-the-shoulder dress is one of the LBDs we’ve dreamed about.”

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Kendall + Kylie Jenner’s New Shoe Line

Footwear News – Kendall and Kylie Jenner are piping hot. And no wonder. They are the world’s most famous and arguably most powerful teenagers — and there is no air conditioning.

It’s a sunny afternoon in Los Angeles and the girls are in a sweltering showroom downtown — an Art Nouveau space in the garment district with nothing but heirloom fans barely mustering a breeze. Both are dressed in figure-hugging, all-black looks. Kendall wears a blouse plunged to the navel with a gold buckled belt, while Kylie is poured into floor-sweeping flared trousers and a crop top. They sit at a long table flicking through their phones, which one imagines are also quite warm to the touch from an endless flow of “likes” from approximately 103 million combined followers worldwide.

They are framed by two models wearing looks from their premiere full-scale independent label, Kendall + Kylie. Completing the scene are racks of the spring ’16 collection, which includes apparel, swimwear and, most importantly, shoes.

Footwear News’ exclusive first look is also the sisters’ first time seeing the line together as a whole. It’s a big moment.

“I really love it. We’ve been excited about this for a while,” said Kendall, 19, surveying the smattering of Polaroids of her favorite pieces scattered in front of her. “We’ve been working on it for about a year, but it’s so cool to see everything in person.”

The full-scale brand, positioned as a contemporary line, with most clothing capped at $250 and footwear ranging from $89 to $160, is being developed by license-holder Indochine International.

After an initial shoe launch with Modern Vintage LLC last season through brothers Rick and Brian Cytrynbaum, the shoe license was purchased by Marc Fisher in June. Moving quickly, Kendall + Kylie Creative Director Chelsey Santry worked with the Fisher team and the girls to have the footwear collection done in time for this week’s FFANY show.

“Kendall and Kylie share a unique relationship with their audience that is uncompromisingly personal and trusted,” said Susan Itzkowitz, president of Marc Fisher Footwear. “They have mass appeal, which young girls and women alike seek to emulate.”
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Kendall + Kylie Collection

Kendall and Kylie have released the first two pieces from their new limited collection “Kendall + Kylie”.

The first is a “Klub” belly shirt from “Kendall’s closet.” Its description reads: “Welcome to the Klub. Show you’re the ultimate team player with this limited edition black cropped tee. Features a high low hemline. LIMIT: 2 per customer [leave some for your friends!]”

The second piece, from Kylie’s closet, is a tank top for those of you who fancy yourselves “Team Kylie.” The girls describe it as “the perfect top for your fitspiration, wear this one to the gym or out when dressing to impress!”

Both tops retail for $28.