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Kendall Jenner for ‘Garage’ Magazine Issue 18

Kendall Jenner for ‘Garage’ Magazine Issue 18

Beautiful Kendall Jenner for Garage Magazine March Issue 2020. In the gallery were added 11 UHQ photos from this photoshoot. Enjoy!

Maurizio Cattelan collaborated with photographer Campbell Addy to reimagine Kendall Jenner for the cover of GARAGE Issue 18.

We asked Maurizio Cattelan and Kendall Jenner to answer the GARAGE Questionnaire—a set of questions for our times, with inquiries that range from delicate to ridiculous—all the better to peer into the multifaceted minds of our friends and collaborators.

Kendall Jenner Answers the GARAGE Questionnaire

Andy Warhol is coming for dinner. Who else do you invite?
My family.

What is your favorite piece of furniture that you own or wish to own?
I wish I owned the Rick Owens all-marble bed!

Favorite iconic red carpet moment (could be your own)?
My favorite iconic red carpet moment was Lady Gaga at the Met Gala last year, when she changed her outfit multiple times. I also loved the orange Versace look I wore to the Met last year.

What is a book you wish you’d written?
Reading a book called So Sad Today. It’s a collection of essays that are really honest and funny.

What is your favorite journey?

Final meal: who, what, where…and when?
Who: My family and closest friends.
What: Thanksgiving food/holiday food.
Where: Palm Springs.

If your style were cooked, what would it taste like?
Pasta with truffle sauce.

What are you wearing to your own funeral?
Something bomb!

What was the first movie you ever loved?
Frida, Moulin Rouge, and Fantasia.

Bread with olive oil or bread with butter? (Assume all components are “the good kind.”)

What is your favorite scent?

If you could live somewhere different for a year, where would it be?

What would you do with a stolen day?
Hang with my friends and binge watch TV or read.

What was your mother right about all along?
That I’m strong and can get through anything.

What’s the last thing you Googled?
NBA rankings.

What’s your most used emoji?

What’s the most useful thing you own?
My toothbrush.

What is something you would absolutely never wear?
Never say never.

What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?
Something formfitting but still comfortable and maybe some heels.

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