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Kendall Jenner for L’Officiel USA Summer Issue 2019

Kendall Jenner for L’Officiel USA Summer Issue 2019

Amazing Kendall Jenner on the L’Officiel USA Magazine Cover. Photographed by Russell James. In the gallery we have added 13 UHQ photos. Enjoy! When Kendall Met Russell.
There’s no arguing that she’s now one of the biggest models of her generation—and it all started with a dream.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you know who our newest cover girl Kendall Jenner is. The second youngest daughter of media mogul and momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner, Kendall first rose to fame on her family’s reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In the earlier seasons, Kendall and younger sister Kylie played secondary roles, overshadowed by their three older half-sisters. It didn’t take long, however, for the Jenner sisters to become full-fledged celebrities in their own right.
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Kendall Jenner for Vogue Australia June Issue 2019

Kendall Jenner for Vogue Australia June Issue 2019

Amazing Kendall Jenner on cover of Vogue Australia Magazine June Issue 2019. In the gallery were added outtakes and magazine scans from this photoshoot. Enjoy!

Kendall Jenner is super-strong, supremely focussed and fully functioning in love. She talks to Jessica Montague while dripping in Tiffany & Co. diamonds. Here, read the full cover story and see every picture from Vogue Australia’s June 2019 issue.

Kendall Jenner was 14 years old when she decided she wanted to become a model. Actually, she’d been mulling it over since the age of seven, but it wasn’t until her teens that she decided to take action. Jenner did what any enthusiastic teenager with some paper, a colour printer and stapler would do – she compiled a homemade booklet of DIY snapshots (giving it the title Kendall Jenner Modelling Photos) and presented it to her parents. Most mums would have taken one look and put it out with the recycling, but Jenner’s mum – the ultimate ‘momager’ Kris Jenner – took her second youngest daughter seriously, telling the audience of their hit reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians: “If this is what Kendall really wants to do then I’m on board and I’ll get the word out.”
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Kendall Jenner for ‘Tiffany & Co.’ Spring/Summer Campaing 2019

Kendall Jenner for ‘Tiffany & Co.’ Spring/Summer Campaing 2019

Amazing Kendall Jenner for ‘Tiffany & Co.’ Spring/Summer Campaing 2019. Check out gallery for HQ photos. Enjoy!

Kendall Jenner, seemingly, is someone entrenched high enough in the clouds of fame that anything she can imagine, she can have. And she often does: Coachella weekend one VIP bracelets, a radio talk show, a collection of vintage cars. But as it turns out, she also keeps her eyes on an even bigger prize: Mom Kris’s extensive watch collection. “She has really good watches,” explains Jenner over the phone. “Like, really, really nice watches.” It’s one of the top things she wants to inherit from her Momager. But the 23 year old’s love of jewelry spans far behind Kris’ collection. Since she began working with Tiffany & Co, her current obsession is the brand’s new collection of stackable rings and the stackable luggage collection she was gifted this past Christmas.
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Interview: Look at Kendall’s new campaign with ‘Longchamp’

Interview: Look at Kendall’s new campaign with ‘Longchamp’

When interviewing Kendall Jenner there are a million questions you want to ask, preferably over several glasses of wine. Kanye West’s latest Twitter tirade is one obvious elephant in the room, as is Jenner’s rumoured boyfriend, the basketball star Blake Griffin, not to mention her niece Stormi Webster, the latest addition to the Kardashian dynasty. But with more than 90m followers on Instagram and reported earnings of $22m last year, Jenner is now the world’s highest-paid model, and the less juicy reality is that all of the above subjects are officially off limits and there’s a huge entourage in the room when we meet in New York — including her glam squad, management and three Longchamp representatives, thanks to Jenner’s latest gig as the face of the brand. Welcome to the modern world of the supermodel…read more.

The Sunday Times Style

Kendall Jenner on cover of ‘The Sunday Times Style’! We are glad to finally show you a new photoshoot and article from the new may issue of this magazine. Enjoy!

The Times: At 9.55am Los Angeles time, Cole Sprouse calls, five minutes before we are due to talk, not bothering to block his caller ID, and then, between mouthfuls of breakfast, begins telling me what it was like to photograph the most followed supermodel on the planet.

Depending on your age, Sprouse may be familiar as: a) Ross Geller’s son in Friends; b) Zack and/or Cody from the Disney Channel’s wildly successful Suite Life franchise; or c) Jughead Jones, the brooding antihero of the current Netflix hit show Riverdale. The latter has propelled him to cult status and 5.2m fans, which is why I am surprised by the lack of a private number.
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Kendall for Vogue India May Issue

Kendall Jenner is cover girl of Vogue India! We are glad to finally show you a new photoshoot, scans and a short article from the new may issue of this magazine. Enjoy!

Vogue India: NY-Jaipur-Shanghai… Just 72 hours in the life of supermodel and Insta-star Kendall Jenner. If those frequent-flier miles don’t make you dizzy, stomach this: over 75 million Instagram followers, 14 Vogue covers, around 85 runway shows [at the time of the interview], contracts with Victoria’s Secret, Estée Lauder and Calvin Klein, a fashion line with her sister and a burgeoning photography career. Did I mention she’s only 21?
Hers is, clearly, the face the fashion industry is betting on. Jenner’s meteoric rise (in an early season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the shy teenager showed her mother a flipbook of pictures she shot of herself, and declared to their nearly 5 million viewers, “I want to model”) is, of course, a result of talent, hard work and dedication on the young beauty’s part, but it’s also a reflection of the social culture in which we are currently living.
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Kendall for Harper’s Bazaar May Issue

Harper’s Bazaar: There are reminders. They come involuntarily, it seems—like hiccups—every few minutes. They pepper the conversation, punctuating nothing of great consequence, but they are useful…necessary, even, at times.

“I’m young,” Kendall Jenner will say when discussing her love life.

“But I’m young,” she adds when talking about her first house.

“I know. I’m young,” she declares after mentioning how much she wants to be a mom someday.
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